A year of green

I landed in Ubud, Bali on New Years Day of 2016 and spent my first evening on the island chatting with an older Danish woman over heaping plates of nasi campur. The conversation led to us sharing a bit about our years and to how our tentative resolutions for 2016 were shaping up. As we were getting our checks she asked me, “what color do you want your new year to be?”.

Color theory beat out half-baked resolutions and I now start out every year thinking and setting intentions in pantone. I kicked off that year in Bali crossing my fingers for growth, balance, and well-being.

bali 1.png
bali 3.jpg
bali 6.jpg
bali 8.jpg
bali 9.jpg
bali 7.jpg
bali 5.jpg
bali 4.jpg
bali 2.jpg