Content strategy, creative production, and distribution for a self-assessment tool for designers, co-created by Designer Fund and Ueno.

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Designer Fund invests in startups co-founded by designers, builds and educates design teams through their Bridge program, and shares best practices with their community. 

In 2017, Heather Phillips (then the Design Director at Designer Fund) presented the patterns she'd observed in how high-performing design teams operate to a group of 200 design leaders. Many reached out after to ask for a copy the resources she presented and Heather dreamed up a goal to bring the tool to a broader audience. 

Heather and I partnered to bring the content to life, and restructured her presentation into Level Up, a robust self-assessment tool for designers.  Ueno. generously donated their time for design and development and I led all launch activities.

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Building a more sustainable culture of design

With this tool, design teams can see where they excel, pinpoint what needs work and download a kit to run the exercise with their team. Since it's launch, thousands of designers have of taken the self-assessment. Our hope is that more teams will use this tool to build successful environments for collaboration and design.

Test it out! 


Heather Phillips is a queen and the mastermind of Level Up. She's helped a zillion folks *level up*, including this gal here.  

Thank you to the Ueno team, led by Carolyn Zhang, for generously donating their resources to support the design community.