Marketing & project lead for Asana's first brand awareness campaign: managed overall strategy, out of home & digital advertising, site development, social strategy, blog content, email campaigns, local marketing, events, and PR. 

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Asana is the easiest way for teams to track their work—and get results.

As Asana’s product reached it’s third anniversary, we developed a corporate brand campaign that celebrated and leveraged the diversity of Asana’s customer base. We partnered with companies across multiple industries, from e-commerce to media. Our goals were to:

  • drive brand awareness

  • expand Asana's audience by tapping into the audiences of featured companies

  • build a dialogue and engaged community around #withAsana.

We wanted the creative to be effective on it's own, but it was especially powerful when viewed as a series. Our animated display ads, for example, rotated between multiple teams and we switched the creative on our San Francisco billboard once a month to showcase a stream of local companies that used Asana.   

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Taking it on the road

The #withAsana campaign was also our first foray into local marketing, and we launched a campaign in Austin, Texas featuring local brands. 

We launched geo-targeted email campaigns, display ads on local media outlets, and billboards around the city.

We saw a lift of web traffic & sign-ups in Austin over the course of the campaign. Our biggest day on social was the day we gave out free kimchi fries with a local food truck that used Asana for menu planning...

Here's a recap of our time in Austin.


Giveaways + Swag

We celebrated customers and encouraged folks to share their stories with a #withAsana contest. We filled prize boxes with cool stuff made by teams that used Asana. Colorful offices supplies from Yoobi and caramel Rip Van Wafels instead of another tech t-shirt? Yes please. 

The best part...

When we launched the campaign, we saw hundreds of people talking about the neat stuff they were doing #withAsana on social. The hashtag helped build brand awareness, discover new customer stories, and became a huge source of internal pride.

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A big thank you to Casey Martin, Amanda Buzard, Jim Renaud, & Alex Estrada: some killer designers that I had the pleasure of working with on many iterations of the campaign. And a shoutout to Josh Torres, who kept the hashtag momentum up social over many years. 

Design Studio is a London & SF based creative agency who was instrumental in helping us bring the initial concept to life through the mad-lib creative.