Different FORMs

I fell in love with Paulo Soleri's work during a sustainable design class I took in college.  During one lecture, I caught a glimpse of the rust red arches of Arcosanti. Soleri's dream for the project was to build a fully functioning, environmentally responsible city that found a balance between architecture and ecology.  Here you'll find the origin of my love of desert landscapes, sustainable communities, and the cultivation of space. 

Many years later, I visited Arcosanti for a small music and arts festival called FORM, and snapped a handful of portraits of friends in different parts of Soleri's desert utopia.

form - becca.jpg
form - cory.jpg
form - grady.jpg
form - johnny.jpg
form - jordan.jpg
form - kim mai.jpg
form - lauren.jpg
form - me.jpg
form - miranda.jpg
form - david.jpg
form - cezar.jpg
form - tim.jpg
form - trav.jpg