Strategy, project management, and creative production for Hustle's website redesign and rebrand rollout. 

Hustle is a grassroots, peer-to-peer text messaging platform that enables organizations to communicate directly with their supporters and build real relationships at scale.

In the 2016 election cycle, over 40 million messages were sent & received across Hustle’s clients. Their product enabled organizations like the Bernie Sanders campaign and Planned Parenthood to recruit more volunteers, increase voter turnout, and raise money. I jumped on board right before the 2017 inauguration to help the team roll out a new brand and visual language developed by the wonderful Taylor Curry of Spirit Animal Design Studio

Over the next three months, I hired and managed a team of designers, developers, and other creatives to roll out the rebrand across channels and build a brand new website that would speak to Hustle's impact in a new political climate. 


The goals for the website redesign were to:

  • Effectively communicate Hustle’s mission and value prop to existing customers, potential customers & recruits

  • Drive new leads & candidates for Hustle

  • Build a system that was flexible enough to grow as the team adds new content types and pages

As a team, we overhauled and designed and built a new homepage, product page, careers portal, press page & contact page. 

Screen Shot 2018-04-11 at 5.40.34 PM.png

Rolling out the new brand

With the website design as the north star, we redesigned everything under the sun in the new brand style. We built new email templates, updated sales collateral, designed new conference booths and created some sweet internal swag (this "Do the Hustle" by Tyson Stryg went on some new employee t-shirts).    

I led the team through the new website launch and helped Hustle announce their new look across channels. Check out a piece I worked on with Designer Fund about the Hustle rebrand.   


Taylor Curry of Spirit Animal Studio was the mastermind behind the branding, illustration, and web design and an unbeatable creative partner for this project.  Darius and the team at Webnique built a custom Wordpress site and jumped on many Skype calls with us from Germany.

Tyson Stryg is an independent artist and designer who helped bring pizazz to many elements of this rebrand. Jeff Enlow is an independent photographer who partnered with me on updating photos for the new site.

And a big thank you to the Hustle team, especially Matthew Ferry, for helping it all come together.