Hello there! I'm Kelsey.

I'm a brand & creative strategist based in California and co-founder of Paladar Studio.

I've partnered with companies like Asana, Thrillist, Designer Fund, and The Kapor Center on projects ranging from rebrands to content development. After leading marketing programs at Asana, I left to cofound Paladar Studio, a small brand & creative shop. The studio is aptly named from a word meaning "home kitchen", which is where I spend an absurd amount of my free time.

Outside of culinary experiments, I'd also love to talk to you about these other non-work related things: voting rights, cannonballs, and the Mojave desert

If you want to talk brand & marketing: I help organizations think strategically about their brand and reach new audiences in authentic ways. My speciality is bringing together multi-disciplinary teams for large creative projects.